Teachers: Apply for a Grant!

MEF enthusiastically accepts grant applications from Madison Public Schools teachers seeking to enrich curriculum, instruction and student learning experiences.

To apply, submit a completed  APPLICATION during any of three grant cycles - Fall, Winter and Spring. 

Grant Cycles

Apply by: Typically, get a decision by:
October 18, 2017 Mid-December
January 18, 2018 Mid-March
April 18, 2018 Mid-June


If  we do not confirm your submission within one week of submission, contact us to make sure we received it.  Grants submitted after a deadline will be included in the next grant cycle.

After each cycle deadline, a grant committee member will be in touch to schedule a time to discuss your proposal.  Towards the end of each cycle, the grant committee presents the proposals to the MEF Board of Trustees for voting on each grant.  See Grant Guidelines and FAQ's for more information.

Got Questions?

Browse the Resource Tools links on this page.  Read about previously funded grants.  Contact us with questions or for sounding board advice. 

"I appreciate the ease of the application process and the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness with which MEF has responded to my requests."  - Grant applicant

"Members of the Foundation are understanding and professional, always keeping the students’ needs foremost in their minds." - Grant applicant

We look forward to hearing from you!