Apply for a Grant!

MEF accepts grant applications from Madison Public School teachers seeking to enrich curriculum, instruction and student learning experiences.

To apply, submit a completed application during any of three grant cycles. 

Grant Cycle Deadlines: 

Fall - October 17, 2018

Winter - January 17, 2019

Spring - April 17, 2019

If we do not confirm your submission within one week of submission, contact us to make sure we received it.  Grants submitted after a deadline will be included in the next grant cycle.

After each cycle deadline, a grant committee member will be in touch to schedule a time to discuss your proposal.  Towards the end of each cycle, the grant committee presents the proposals to the MEF Board of Trustees for voting on each grant.  See Grant Guidelines below and FAQ's for more information.


Browse the Resource Tools.  Read about previously funded grants.  Contact us with questions or for sounding board advice at

Grant Guidelines

What fits the Foundation’s scope?  MEF funds educational enrichment. It seeks grant requests from Madison Public School teachers, administrators or staff members that…

  • Link directly to Madison Public Schools’ mission and curriculum

  • Enhance existing curriculum or instruction

  • Expand educational experiences of students

  • Apply innovative teaching or learning methods (including select professional development)

MEF encourages grants that include…

  • Collaboration/partnering across teachers/departments/schools

  • Opportunities for recipients to share learning with colleagues

  • Pilots that can be expanded or replicated if successful

What is generally outside MEF's scope?  A grant request that is for…

  • Furniture or facilities infrastructure/improvements

  • Classroom consumables (e.g. paper, markers)

  • A program initiated or overseen by people other than employees (e.g. parents, administrators, PTOs)

  • After-school or lunch clubs without a specific classroom tie-in

  • Salaries or stipends

  • The benefit of an individual student

  • Snacks or food to be served during programs, transportation to or from event

Gallery of Awarded Grants